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Mickey and Friends Tsum Tsum Plush Toys

Mickey and Friends brings together Disney’s best loved characters. Mickey Mouse, in particular, is by far the most recognizable and popular Disney character in its entire history. Mickey and his ensemble have been on the TV screens and in children’s lives since 1920, when Walt Disney created the character, and has come to define the Walt Disney Company itself. In fact, Walt Disney’s wife had at one time revealed that Disney modeled Mickey after himself.

The central character, of course, is Mickey Mouse – a cheeky and mischievous mouse known as much for his antics as for his goodwill. In fact, Mickey Mouse is so synonymous with American culture that US President Jimmy Carter once remarked that when one sees Mickey Mouse, one sees happiness. With the passage of time, Mickey’s character has evolved, and while he still has his share of fun and laughter, Disney has transitioned him to a more mature role. Of course, this has not lessened his popularity with the kids one bit! Mickey’s girlfriend is Minnie Mouse, the vivacious, sweet mouse with a temperament for dressing up with numerous colorful bows. While she is in reality Mickey’s girlfriend, she is often portrayed as her best friend. Though she is incredibly sweet and usually quite tame in comparison to the antics of Mickey, she displays far more intelligence and is usually seen keeping order in the group. It is no wonder that her smart intellect and outspokenness have captivated the minds of girls worldwide for decades.

Even more than Minnie, Donald Duck is another unforgettable character, known perhaps best for his pants, or the lack of them! Donald possesses a fiery temper yet maintains a humorous disposition. He is best friends with Mickey and is often involved in carrying out his plans. However, his extreme temper and rudeness often rubs Minnie the wrong way. Still, Donald as a character shines because of his undying loyalty for his friends. The other character in the cast include Daisy Duck, the more sophisticated girlfriend of Donald, who possesses a similar temper but displays far better control of it. The last character, but not the least, is Goofy – the somewhat-naïve bumbling fool who makes a mockery of almost every situation and himself. However, Goofy’s antics are charming and set him apart as the unequivocally most loved character of the show.

Tsum Tsum plush toys based on Mickey and Friends are the best-selling of the Tsum universe. While others like Star Wars have pipped the franchise from time to time, it remains consistently the most popular character set ever. Available in large, medium and mini sizes, fans can get Tsums representing Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Daisy and Donald Duck and a host of other peripheral characters in our store. While many Tsum Tsum sets are based on recent movies and hence have a following mainly with children, the longevity of the Mickey and Friends universe means that almost every adult alive today has been a fan sometime in their life! Check out our store to build your very own Tsum Tsum stack at home.