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The Mermaid Tsum Tsum Plush Sets

The Little Mermaid franchise is possibly one of longest running cartoon franchises, stretching all the way back to 1989 when the first Little Mermaid movie was released. That release proved to be a great hit with children and spawned a number of spin offs, including a television series, a sequel in 2000 and a prequel to the original movie called Ariel’s Beginning.

The Little Mermaid follows the story of Ariel the mermaid, who holds a great fascination of the human race. Her father does not approve of humans due to a previous grudge. One day, Ariel goes to the surface of the ocean and watches a young Prince Eric celebrate his birthday. She falls in love and subsequently saved his life when a storm hits the ship and Eric falls into the ocean. When Eric comes to, he vaguely remembers Ariel and her beautiful voice. Ariel is determined to be one with her true love and approaches Ursula the witch for a solution.

Ursula the witch offers to turn Ariel into a human for three days, and if she fails to get a kiss of love from Eric, she would belong to Ursula forever. In return, she takes Ariel voice as payment and traps it in a shell. Ariel agrees and goes to land. She meets Eric, but while Eric feels her remembers her, the fact of her dumbness persuades him otherwise. In the meantime, Ursula has taken the human form and assumed Ariel’s voice to thwart her plans. She entraps Eric and plans to marry him, and Ariel is powerless to do anything!

Ariel’s father Triton, king of the merpeople has now been appraised of the situation and he has sent his deputy to stop Ursula. The merpeople manage to break the shell containing Ariel’s voice, breaking the spell over Eric, who finally realizes that it was Ariel who had saved him. He rushes to kiss her, but is too late and Ariel transforms into a mermaid and is taken hostage by Ursula as per their agreement. Triton confronts Ursula but cannot break the agreement and instead offers himself. Ursula turns Triton into a polyp and becomes the new ruler of the seas.

Eventually. Ursula’s greed becomes her downfall, with Ariel and Eric combining forces to destroy the evil witch. Triton is restored as the king of the merpeople and gives his blessings to Ariel and Eric, even turning her into a human so they could be together. This sweet story has enthralled children for decades with unfailing regularity. Tsums Tsums based on the Little Mermaid franchise are also quite popular. Later additions to the franchise have added new characters, which has kept interest alive. Available in large, regular and mini sizes, children can have the company of Ariel, Triton, Eric and even Ursula. Along with characters from the franchise, fans can also buy a range of Little Mermaid-themed accessories. Check out our store for more!