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Toy Story Tsum Tsum Plush Sets

The original Toy Story feature film released in 1995 was the first ever computer-animated movie. It grossed over $361 million at the time, bagged 4 Academy awards and is now widely regarded as one of the best animated feature films in history. The immense popularity of the movie and its cast saw Toy Story 2 in 1998 and Toy Story 3 in 2010. A fourth instalment is slated for release in 2018.

More than the movies, the Toy Story franchise has given rise to a multi-billion dollar universe of merchandise, apparel, figures, video games and spin offs. In keeping with its strategy, Disney has also released Tsum Tsum plush toys for the entire gamut of characters from the Toy Story universe. Tsums are available for all major characters in Toy Story, including the much-loved Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Mister and Missus Potato Head, Rex, Hamm and Slinkie.

The Toy Story franchise follows the exploits of cowboy Sheriff Woody and his trusty but volatile lieutenant Buzz Lightyear. The franchise starts off with a rivalry between Woody and Buzz. Buzz is the only member of the cast who does not believe that they are only toys. Over the course of the movie, Buzz realizes that he too is a toy and reconciles with Woody and the rest of the gang. Woody’s popularity, within the movies our outside, is rivalled only by Buzz, who with his spacesuit, wings and laser weapon is an instant hit with children. Other characters in the movie include Jessie, the cowgirl (she makes an appearance in the second movie); Hamm, the piggy bank toy; Rex, the perpetually excited green plastic T-rex; Slinkie, the toy dachshund; and Mister and Missus Potato Head, the toys shaped like potatoes and featuring hilariously detachable parts!

The first movie in the franchise centered on the Woody-Buzz rivalry, their separation from the main group after a fight and subsequent travails to be reunited with their owner and the other toys. Toy Story 2 features Woody being accidentally sold to a toy dealer and subsequently finding out he will be shipped to Japan. The gang, of course, comes to his rescue and we even see the introduction of new characters like Jessie, Bullseye and Emperor Zurg. The latest Toy Story 3 features Woody’s owner Andy leaving for college. Andy decides to take only Woody along and store the rest of the gang in the attic. His mother is unaware of this and instead throws the toys out in the trash! The story thus centers on Woody’s journey to keep the toys together and to find a new home for them after Andy leaves for college.

With more movies coming up in the Toy Story franchise, the popularity of Woody and his gang refuses to fade away. Tsum Tsum plush toys are the best way to make these cute stackable toys a part of your home! Check out our store for Toy Story characters of all sizes.