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Inside Out The Movie Tsum Tsum Sets

Inside Out is perhaps one of the most nuanced animated feature films in recent times. Originally released as an independent film at the Cannes festival, the Pixar-produced movie picked up almost $900 million in gross revenue in 2015. While Inside Out naturally picked up a number of critically acclaimed awards, the story is also quite relevant for understanding how young brains work and their development in the formative years.

The story follows young Riley at a time when her family decides to move from slow-paced Minnesota to San Francisco. Riley has immense difficulty in adjusting to a new city, friends and school. The movie is essentially centered on the five primary emotions in Riley – Anger, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and Joy, each of whom have separate characters. Each emotion regulates an aspect of Riley’s life, and her brain is depicted as controlled by these emotions and a core set of memories based on these emotions that shape her personality.

Early on in this transition to new surroundings, Riley is mocked in front of her entire class at school. This sends her emotions into overdrive trying to prevent this memory from becoming a part of her core memories and hence her personality. Unfortunately, in this process, Sadness and Joy are permanently relegated to an unknown portion of her brain, leaving only Fear, Disgust and Anger to regulate young Riley. What follows is a complete collapse in the personality of Riley, who attempts to move back to Minnesota to find her bearings in life. In the meantime, Joy and Sadness try their best to regain their place in the core memories of Riley.

While Riley distances herself from friends and family and becomes apathetic to all around her, Sadness and Joy manage to successfully come back. Joy, who never understood the existence of sadness, now understands that Joy and Sadness always come together and one can be freely converted into another depending on the circumstances. With vigor renewed, Sadness and Joy re-establish themselves, leading to Riley reuniting with her parents. Sadness and Joy now create a new set of nuanced core memories that helps Riley adjust to her new personality and eventually, thrive!

Pixar along with Disney deliver an immensely significant message for parents and young children alike. The nuanced yet rollercoaster journey of Inside Out is a great watch for children of any age and has resonated strongly with kids worldwide since its release in 2015. Tsum Tsum plush toys are a great way to reinforce these messages and the cuteness factor doesn’t make things any worse either! Disney has released the Inside Out character universe in its entirety – you can pick up Tsums for Riley, Anger, Sadness, Joy, Disgust and Fear and create your very own tiny (or large) stacks in your home or workplace. Check out our store for available sizes and characters.